Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Will US$5b make mobile calls cheaper in PK?

Why are mobile charges so costly? Our SMS rates are extremely economical but roaming is sky high.

While watching BBC's report on Asian business, I saw about 20 mins on India followed by a 2 minute bulletin annoucing Telenor's US$5b investment in Pakistan. I've heard Telenor might be taking help from Nokia to expand their network. Not confirming this for now.


Ejaz Asi said...

I am skeptical about your statement "extremely economical" rates of SMS in Pakistan. Almost 3Rs. a sms can cost you about about 400-500Rs. a month alone. Roaming charges within domestic areas don't make any sense either given the performance of their signals and calldrops as well as long awaits for the calls.

Yasir Hussain said...

I agree with Ejaz, but I don't understand the reason of roaming charges withing the one network (be it mobilink, Ufone or any other), in the first place. In my humble opinion, roaming charges should be applied when you switch the network, not just the region. But alas, that's what our mobile companies wallas don't agree with.