Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Cash-on-delivery & E-Letters

Anyone knows of websites offering Cash on delivery option for payment? I know Liberty Books, eAdab,
and Awami Markaz ['study notes'] are offering the service for Karachi.

On a sidenote: I wonder how many people actually utilize Pakistan Post's E-Letter Service
If you can send your rant on a post card or a letter to:

Pakistan Post E-Letter Centre,
E.Post Division Post Infotech
Post Mall,
F-7 Markaz,

Then will email it on your behalf to a 'loved one' abroad. Lets see if his email address still works.

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Ejaz Asi said...

In Pakistan, we have Indusmart The site's revamping it's inventory and design so we can hope it delivers even better service in coming future.
About Liberty, I am bit skeptical about their service based on their service - they charge even more on online sales (which is not only absurd, it also makes me, as a customer, feel like an idiot), they took more than imaginable "days" to deliver books which are 10mins drive from their offices and they once sent me dual invoice/books which is surprising. Haven't tried eAdab and other services.
About Pak Post, I am still purturbed at the fact that they take their web-users like some goddamn fools and idiots who have no other choice but to visit their fancy website as if these deptts are doing some sort of "Ehsaan" on the nation by producing such generation of websites. The old rule of offline world would stay true for some time - if the business doesn't respect you, don't buy anything no matter how good looking the shop is.