Monday, July 05, 2004

Got Gmail? Get spammed for invites

As of last month: I've received around a dozen spam emails requesting that the sender be sent a Gmail invite. This one is 'creative':

From: Hassan Latif
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2004 15:47:55 +0500
Subject: hi
Well I guess I'm gonna get busted but anyway..... can you send me a google invitation if you have one? Ok now I'm gonna close my eyez.

The rest are simply: 'hi i noticed you have a gmail account. can you please send me an invitation?'

Any one else meeting same issues with their accounts? The senders are all local names: 'sana', 'saima', etc.


blue^angel said...

lol... dun worry... i wont ask u for one... i already got one. :D

newyas... can u tell me when will i start getting invites?? its been more than 2 weeks... still now invites... hmmm.

Royalty Personified said...

Nope, nobody's been irritating me. Its only because you're famous, I'm not... :)

Zunaira said...

Hmm. I dont think it has anything to do with being *famous* [who?]. However, my email address is listed on a virtual community--which might be causing these odd messages.

shobz said...

tell me about it. i have gotten around 10 requests for a gmail account. some people are so desperate. u should read the "begging emails" they sent me. they make the local beggars seem amateur.(sorry for the typo)

raider said...

well what did you expect...If youve got gmail, youve have to have spam...Just be glad that you're not on the google search list yet

blue^angel said...

hmmm... i got the first GMail begging msg today... but im confused.... y am i not getting any invites to give out?? *thinking*