Wednesday, November 16, 2005

'Vignettes from Tunis': Bytesforall is at WSIS

BytesforAll team Frederick Noronha, Partha Sarker and Shahzad Ahmad are reporting on the World Summit on the Information Society.

The APC blog is your front row seat to the event where our friends are blogging as well. Partha is podcasting here.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Whose Mind Do You Want to Read Today?

Yes, the blogging world is now after 'attention'. And it is in this connection that the RSS hype is now being followed by the Reading Lists. From Dave Winer's Blog:

"Reading lists are OPML documents that point to RSS feeds, like most of the OPML documents you find, but instead of subscribing to each feed in the document, the reader or aggregator subscribes to the OPML document itself. When the author of the OPML document adds a feed, the aggregator automatically checks that feed in its next scan, and (key point) when a feed is removed, the aggregator no longer checks that feed. THe editor of the OPML file can update all the subscribers by updating the OPML file. Think of it as sort of a mutual fund for subscriptions."

Reading Lists is a great idea but it makes me think if we will ever be left with enough opinion/technology leaders whose mind we could read & follow through their published reading lists?

Monday, November 14, 2005

Etisalat CEO Resigns

Information & Technology Publishing ran a story a few days ago about Obaid Saied Bin Mes’har (CEO of Etisalat International) handing in his resignation. He had been heading Etisalat International since it was established in March 2005.

ITP claims that while Etisalat is yet to release any official statement about Bin Mes'har's resignation, there is a suggestion that his departure might be linked to the failure of the Etisalat-PTCL deal.

The Daily Times, however, claims in this article that Etisalat has been given yet another two weeks to pay the remaining money -- and other news media have reported that Etisalat wants to raise some of the money from Pakistani banks, to lower their risk and investment.

WLL Companies vs. Cellular Companies

The Daily Times reports that DVCOM and other WLL licensees have filed a case in the Lahore High Court, demanding that their WLL license fees be returned.

The tussle is between the new WLL providers and the new and existing cellular companies. PTA is trying to restrict WLL mobility because of pressure from cellular companies. (If a WLL phone can used just like a cellular phone, and is cheaper, then the cellular companies will lose market share.)

A similar situation arose in India a while back, and the Indian telecom authorities did restrict WLL mobility so that cellular companies don't get hurt. Our WLL providers should stop whining and realize that they are supposed to provide a service meant to replace (and compete with) landlines -- not a service meant to replace (or compete with) cell phones.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Google Desktop 2.0

Google Desktop 2.0 is finally out of the beta. My favorite list which previously included the ‘To Do’ panel has now two more members: Quick Launch (which I call windows ‘start button’ on steroids and done just the right way) and Dictionary Panel. However, the find-of-the-day panel is DNKA which allows me to set up a machine in my workplace where all of my team members can dump the official documents and we can then use the GDS search to find files from that server off our respective PCs browsers. The freeware panel is just the right thing that is needed by busy teams to get them to the right documents and needed information quickly.