Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Software Piracy

Software Piracy Report:: "Software piracy rates have crept up, and software makers are losing sleep because the problem is worst in regions with the highest market growth.

Take China and India for instance. While the IT markets in these two countries are growing at a blistering 20%�five times the rate in the developed world�piracy rates are also sky-high at 92% and 73% respectively.

These figures top the Asia-Pacific average piracy rate of 53%, and are more than double the worldwide average of 36%.

The losses sustained by software vendors in China and India are staggering. They amounted to US$3.82 billion and US$367 million respectively last year, and are a sizeable chunk of the worldwide loss of US$28.79 billion.

These results are based on a Business Software Alliance (BSA)-commissioned IDC survey, which covered business software applications, operating systems, consumer software and local market software.

Other Asia-Pacific countries which made it to the hit list�s top 20 are Vietnam (92%), Indonesia (88%), Pakistan (83%), and Thailand (80%). "

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