Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Communities for developers?

I came across Asian Open Source Center which links to Pakistan. I saw the usual suspects for Linux Pakistan there [just a joke, no offence please!].

CGExpanse for digital artists created recently.

Is it that we don't have developer communities from Pakistan or do I simply not know about them?


Ejaz Asi said...

Developers communities need to understand some basic converstions and communication ettiquettes to grow and become effective in a collective state and Pakistan IS catching up with that. Don't expect something big to happen here until 2006-7, I guess. The nerds, programmers and network engineers do have some meeting-up places but we aren't good marketers, you know, Zunaira, so, that keeps us away from the lime light. What I am disappointed to see is that the Designers and other digital artists haven't done much despite their being better in these things until recently. But nevertheless, we could finally see SOMETHING ahead... at least something.

Ejaz Asi said...

Here is something that should explain the reasons of why we don't make it big online: This is a topic under the sub-forum NEWS related to graphic community. The topic is started by someone who states that he has 6yr experience blah blah. It's just a small thing but given the amount of rich information increasing each day, such haphazard management of information systems, such as forums, is very amateurish.

Fawad said...

From what I can tell, Pakistani developers are a level or two lower in Maslov's Hierarchy of needs from their peers in other countries. We'll see a bigger community presence once we move beyond coding for a living and start coding for the fun of it.

There is a developers community in Pakistan. They're just too busy making ends meet right now.

Kamran said...

Yes, i am also yet in search of a general software developer community just for Pakistanis. But there are a couple of interesting links i would like to share:

The above are Pakistani Games Developer communities. They are new and as expected, not that populated due to the nature of Game market in Pakistan. But they are surely a place to be counted as a respectable one.

Being the webmaster of, i am glad to say that CGExpanse is getting a lot of attention. And now the CGExpanse Portal is up with Interviews and Local Industry News. Many talented artists are there showing their work regularly and also giving feedback on each other's work so as to improve the overall quality and standard. has strong contacts with all the major production houses and highly experienced professionals from those production houses actively participate in the forums.

Thanks for mentioning CGExpanse Miss Zunaira. By the way, also has a very active Traditional Art forum so its not just bound to be a portal for 'digital' artists only.

Half of this comment may sound like an Advertisment for CGX but even if i wasnt the webmaster of CGX, i would have written it.