Monday, July 05, 2004

Online Drugs

According to the U.S. General Accounting Office: ", drugs bought online from other countries - including Argentina, Spain, Thailand, Pakistan and Turkey - are more likely to contain harmful substances or inadequate instructions than those purchased in the United States or Canada. Last month, the GAO released a study about online drug sales."


Zunaira said...

Establishing credibility online for new brands requires some serious thinking by the International Trade Association or any other trade body looking after business ethics [Sal, you know of any?]. I searched the website for documentation in this regard, but drew a blank.

Mohsin suggests looking at Securities and Exchange Commission [US] and Hoovers.

End user education [against financial scams] is more important however monitoring fraudlent companies online seems equally daunting a task. Thoughts?

Royalty Personified said...

Its not only companys and finacial schemes, but every webpage and piece of information available online. You can not be sure of their credibility at all.