Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Fiber Optic Link with India

the Daily Times reports that: "Awais Ahmed Khan Leghari, federal minister for IT and telecom, has said the government is currently holding talks with India to establish a dedicated fibre link between the two countries.“Both the sides have shown concerns on security-related issues,” Mr Leghari told Daily Times from Islamabad. “Both the sides have these concerns but at our end, we are working internally at various levels to resolve these matters.”
Emerging telecom industry in the country sees the fibre link with India, if materialises, as a major breakthrough that would benefit the industry to run cost effective operations. “We still have telephonic linkage with Indian via satellite and Internet,” said V A Abidi, secretary general of Internet Service Providers Association of Pakistan (ISPAK).

Mr Abidi said the proposed fibre link with India would benefit the local industry, which is about to take off in the wake of telecom deregulation.

“It would definitely have a cost effective impact on the operations of long distance international (LDI) companies,” he added.

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