Thursday, July 01, 2004

Citi banking online

Citibank Pakistan launches online banking
: ", the banking facility which uses the Internet to give customers direct access to a complete range of bank facilities.

Customers can access Citibank online at from most desktops or laptops linked to the internet, wherever they may be Citibank online allows customers to view their account details and statements online, said a press release issued here on Wednesday.

They can pay credit card and utility bills online and transfer funds between their accounts at Citibank Pakistan. Customers can also obtain updated deposit and exchange rates, make payments from their accounts, redeem reward points on credit cards and send queries online to customer service."

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Ejaz Asi said...

Wow, that's impressive and new to me. No, no, online banking isn't even half as glamorous to me as it sounds. It's just a basic thing that should have been around 10 years ago. What I am impressed to see here is that someone can actually read and scan the news links at Daily Times' home page. Of course, if the said news isn't available elsewhere, the poor reader would be taxed until someone thinks of a better site. For now, they may kick their sites at our faces as they choose.