Friday, June 11, 2004

Urdu e-books

Kitaabghar is posting urdu e-books on their site. About 20 titles so far, and inviting people to submit their 'work' for consideration. Any 'zauk' wallas might want to stop by.


Monis said...

Check out for Urdu books on web!

Ejaz Asi said...

I think Zunaira was mentioning FREE urdu books, Monis!

Zunaira said...

Yep [chuckle]...FREE ebooks it is. We had a very good article in Spider's May issue on eUrdu.

Anonymous said...

IRC has got urdu eBooks... much before then the site even got started... its just not all cheating-chatting goin on irc ;)

Anonymous said...

Salamz Everyone!!!

Thankyou very much Zunaira for introducing my website on spider blog. I hope, you people like my site and project.

Will Mr. Anonymous explain a bit about those e-books of IRC? I mean the format of books (.exe, .html, or plain images or some other form). Thanks


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