Monday, June 07, 2004

Spiffy enough?

Thanks for the push Khalid ;~) Comments enabled for 'anyone'. *groans inwardly at spam bots

What do you think of this template? I ignored the maroon-version of the same look since it reminded me of a school uniform and hospitals. Had my finger on another chic template-Neon green top and white base. But I'll wait for your verdict.


KO said...

You're welcome... things are looking a lot better - and all those authors lined up on the right look might imposing... lets see what damage they do!

Any template was better than the old one... this one is is nice.. rounded edges and readable fonts.

The only problem with blogger is the lack of categories, but that can be fixed to some extent by putting in a search box in the right sidebar.

Zunaira said...

When you say categories, you mean these postings are not defined under any? A search option shouldn't be hard to put in place. Yep, we could do with one. Also thinking of adding a button on the spider homepage--test drive feedback.

H.A. said...

This template is looking a lot better than the previous one. And it sort of complements the Spider's website as well. :)