Friday, June 11, 2004

Microsoft South Gulf - Events - Microsoft PDC Launch � Pakistan

For anyone interested to learn about the coming Microsoft's PDC event to be held on the 15th, visit the above link


Zunaira said...


In MS country manager Jawwad's words yesterday: "It is a critical event for any software developer who wants to see the latest as well as the next generation of Microsoft technologies".

Last year's PDC was a marketing gimmick. I hope this year, showcasing Longhorn and a few other extras, will give a differrrrent edge.

Zunaira said...

Minister IT Awais Laghari has made it nearly on time--at 11 (originally schedueled to address at 10:25) at PC right now. This is a fresh start for him. I wonder who gave the wake up call? ;~)

Zunaira said...

Got back from the PDC.

If you need to park: make sure you do it in the stadium ground opposite the race course [next to the Shell petrol pump]. Otherwise, you'll be stuck tracking parking space for hours.

Security: Its like a fortress around PC right now. Police every where. NO ONE WITH BAGS ALLOWED INSIDE THE DEMO HALLS. I had to wait and through three event managers/MS folks to get an okay :P Had a body and bag search. What a fucking nusicance honestly for a mere marketing seminar where a few goras have shown up.

Arrangement: No event planner was provided to press wallas at the venue or entrance--unless you asked a volunteer nicely to hand you one.

Longhorn the future--that's what I walked in and Nasser Khan Ghazi showed it off. Ahem--nice wallpaper. And you can zoom in and out to look at folders and oh a cute watch thrown in on sidebar sponsored by Amazon (?). What am I talking about? You'll read it all in Spider's next issue.

more tomorrow. heard they threw a BIG lunch for everyone.

Zunaira said...

PDC bloggers are at work apparently.

Anonymous said...

Zunaira .... using abusive language does not make you cool.

PDC a marketing gimmick? yeah right. and Spider is a trashy English gossip tabloid? Zunaira if PDC is a marketing event then one can conclude that either you are (1) badly informed or (2) a born liar.

most likely Zunaira is not a developer and has no knowledge of coding technical events or of technology whatsoever or she would not call it a marketing event!

Please write so that we can believe you in the future.

Just the facts ma'am. Just the facts.

Zunaira said...

Sorry ref. using that F word. Very frustrating to encounter event mismanagement. Yet that was uncalled for.

However, I stand by every other word in my post.