Friday, June 18, 2004

Islamic militants take jihad to the Internet

An interesting piece on Islamic Militants is here:
The Internet is becoming an increasingly vital medium for Islamic militants. Whether through websites featuring videos of Westerners being executed or texts inspiring attacks, the Internet has become a key tool for propaganda and for the exchange of ideas among militants. As RFE/RL reports, the latest dramatic example of its use came yesterday when a militant group posted a video of a blindfolded and bandaged US hostage in Saudi Arabia."

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Yasir Hussain said...

The condition for Jihad is 'Authority in the land'.

Writes Javed Ahmad Ghamidi:

The reason for this [condition] is that without political sovereignty jihaad becomes fasaad [disorder, chaos, anarchy, etc]. How is it possible that a group which does not even have the right to award punishment to a criminal should be given the right to wage war? (meezaan, qaanuune da`wat; Urdu; page 35)

An explanation of this reason can be found in Islaahi's da`wate diin or us kaa tariiqe kaar (Urdu; Chapter 14, pages 241 and 242):
Read 'A short Understanding of Jihad'
Whatever Muslims does not decree that it's Islam. I think we all misunderstand Jihaad. That is the sole reason why we are sometimes sceptical of everyone even uttering the word 'Jihaad'; sometimes going to the extent of putting others' words in our own mouth. I'm not sure if anyone will read it but it will surely help: جہاد كے ليے اقتدار كي شرط