Monday, June 21, 2004

Rediff vs Gmail

Rediff has jumped on the 1GB bandwagon too. No more invites? ;~)Btw, we're offering 5 Gmail invites to readers as giveaway from July. Do read about in our next issue--should you still care to Gmail.


Yasir Hussain said...

The question is: Does it really increase the number of mail users? In my humble opinion, NO. But it does have an impact on existing users, to retain them.
But I'm more interested in others' opinion as well.

Tee Emm said...

Google's appeal is more about full-searchable email archives than its 1GB mailbox. This becomes more apparent as you collect your work and personal emails at your gmail account over the time.

I, for one, would be happy if gmail comes with 25 MB of mailbox. The attachments are always deleted, so even a handful of MBs are good for tons of text messages.

In short, Gmail competitors need to understand that unlike popular spam slogan, SIZE DOESN'T MATTER :-)

Salman Siddiqui said...

lol...I agree Tee Emm...the search option is the best things to happen. Even Yahoo's email search option is pretty impressive. But still I want that 1 GB account of Gmail. Send Invitations for Gmail account here please. Anyone?

Yasir Hussain said...

It can be termed as cynnicism but if I have 1 GB of data, I'd rather prefer an FTP space than the hassle of click-attach-click G(iga)mail!
I feel providing 1 GB doesn't change the way people think!

Ejaz Asi said...

First on Rediff. Grow up a bit Rediff, so we could even talk about you. No further comments for now.
The email battle still remains for three big Yahoo, Google and Hotmail. Not just because of the space, obviously. At 19.95$, you could get almost unlimited space at Yahoo. Sounds pretty impressive. Hotmail would have increased security and tighter integration with its partner sites through passport. Gmail doesn't have any IM but it's core technology resides in things that suits your needs.
Some say it's about space. Some would regard the lightning fast retrieval and storage of emails. And thirdly, the search. There are some (weird) people here who would point on silly privacy issues which have been addressed by the same people who raised them. So, off we go to next feature. The anti-spam capabilities of Gmail would play a crucial role in how Gmail positions itself in the market. So far, they have been going just fine and I don't see any terrible issue with the interface, process and time it takes to retrieve and store your emails.
Tee Emm is right about attachments and size so is the other guy on FTP thing. But as I said, it's highly preferential in nature, at least when we don't responsibly generalize it and keep it suited to our needs alone. I would like to know what you people could predict how OUR users would take it. A lot of forwarding emails or a lot of images and probably more newsletters filled with stuff you wouldn't like to retain anyway?.
Does anyone know some people have pledged Yahoo to open their formal business operations in Pakistan to take care of hosting and internet connectivity issues. *hint, hint*.

Ejaz Asi said...

Oh, I forgot to mention the conversation feature which is way too cool and unique in Gmail than anyone could build like that. Another common misconception about Gmail is also removed from the fact the Gmail lets you create folders/labels on multiples categories. So, What's Rediff's got?

RashiQ said...

I think these days many company are either providing or willing to provide 1gb email . some of them might thinking to go up.. but question is that CAN YOU UTILIZE the storage. And WHEN PEOPLE CAPACITY WILL GROWN then what will happen to those companies.. i know several ones... such as spymac,gmail,rediff , aventuremail and some other are providing 1 gb. well i liked too with 500mb storage with outlook's gui.. .. i dunno weither i will be able to full my storage capacity.