Monday, June 14, 2004

Interesting Infrastructure States, an add-on

Got email from a traveler Bear Falugo who intends traveling to Pakistan from China through Khunjerab. Part of it reads, “Shall I be able to use the Internet in Pakistan.”


H.A. said...

I guess anyone can use the Internet in Pakistan as long as they have an infinite amount of patience (in my case, with the cable net).

KO said...

Gilgit has a wonderful internet cafe run by Comsats.

Zunaira said...

Shirazi: Do ask your friend where he 'found' internet access. I could use the information for spider.

On the elite front: Inbox claims to wi-fi major hotels including Marriot and Serena in islamabad. I tested those hotspots on two different occaissions with two different Centrino notebooks. Can i just say---CRAP!! I couldnt even connect to the LAN at Serena without technical help :P Not sure if its Centrino's fault. After an hour's worth of trooping around at the Marriott lobby, my ThinkPad finally picked up a weak signal near the Nadia coffee shop. It was then that I realised their hotspot only works within the coffee shop.

KO said...

By george you're connected! (or at least trying to..)

Are there any wifi hotspots in Karachi?