Monday, June 14, 2004

Henry Olanga to release his music album online

Remeber Henry Olanga from the Zimbabwe cricket team, famous more for his wierd hairdos than his cricketing skill? Well what do you know...he's planning to start his music career sometime later this year now and will be releasing the tracks online.


Redemption song - [Sunday Herald]: "this engaging fellow, whose album of classical arias (and R�n�B) will be released via the internet this year, has a habit of hitting the right note, in contrast to those who have let Zimbabwe�s malady linger on. "


Zunaira said...

George Michael is planning to put all his old stuff for free on his website [which...says it requires IE but I browsed it in Mozilla just fine thank you!]. So far, you can listen to .ram files of the oldies under the Audio option.

Zunaira said...

From Isa Daudpota in Isloo:

Youssou N'Dour

A timely release for Youssou's homage to Senegal's mystical Sufi tradition,
recorded in Cairo and brimming with ecstatic music...