Saturday, June 19, 2004

Global Website Blackout

Did anyone notice the massive attack on Internet websites: that took place the world over on 15th June 10:45:00 EST Tuesday (which converts to 20:45:00 Karachi time)? According to a news excerpt: "Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and several other major sites faltered as a result of the attack, which started at 10:45 EST on Tuesday and lasted for over two hours. The problems were traced to Akamai, in Massachusetts, US, which provides support to the internet giants though a vast network of distributed servers for all of the sites.
Technical experts said the incident was consistent with an attack on its domain name system (DNS) servers. These servers translate web browser requests for a worded domain name into the numerical information used to route packets of data around the internet.
Akamai confirmed that its servers were affected by 'large-scale, international attack on internet infrastructure'. But the company suggests the attack was actually directed at a number of its customers, and had a knock-back impact on its distributed servers."

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