Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Ufone to expand its GSM/GPRS Network

"Pak Telecom Mobile Limited (PTML),a wholly owned subsidiary of PTCL, has selected Nortel Networks to expand its Ufone GSM / GPRS network over the next year under agreements estimated at US$125 million. Nortel Networks will upgrade Ufone's existing wireless systems and supply new GSM/GPRS core network and radio access equipment, including Mobile Switching Center, Home Location Register (HLR) and advanced Base Transceiver Stations (BTS).
PTML launched Ufone on January 29, 2001 and, later that year, deployed a GPRS solution to enable a wireless Internet capability. Since its inception, Ufone has been a highly successful venture both in terms of subscriber uptake and network coverage. In its first four months of operation, it attracted some 100,000 subscribers and in its third and most recent expansion, in 2003-4, it raised capacity to over 1.5 million subscribers." Also has anyone noticed that ever since Ufone gave out about 4 lakh free phone connections, one gets frequent network busy messages when trying to make a call?


Teeth Maestro said...
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The Wasp said...

They are hypocrite bro! ... and thats what they're. Same happens to Mobilink (once called May-Be-Link).
Cheap Connection Charges, Low coverage, weak signals, unneccassary balance deduction this all yeilds BIG BUSINESS. More clients more MONEY! and thats what our newpapers YELL everyday
"Multinational companies are interested in INVESTMENTS, great opportunities for jobless people"
and this is how paki economics goes!

Salman Siddiqui said...

May-Be-Link...lol...nice I didn't know that bit. Thanks.