Monday, September 06, 2004

Keeping regulation at bay

It is music to one's ears when regulators talk like this: "Broadband voice services are a new and emerging market," said Stephen Carter, Ofcom Chief Executive. "Our first task as regulator is to keep out of the way."

Ofcom, UK's communication regulator, is currently working on a framework to make voice over telephony services user-friendly and popular. Their plain english summary is worth a read for people not keyed into VoIP.


KO said...

God forbid the Pakistan Govt. see's this.... they would have a heart attack. They seem to be aiming to be providing a viable market to a limited number of 'licensees', which is going to keep prices high and avaialibility - hang on what availibility?

Anonymous said...

Very intresting someone is raising the debate, on this most important issue we have PTA here and really frannky its incompetant the goverment has signed a five year lockout dela dor any long sdistance services really we are been led into the techonological backwaters and a much need pipe to international comuications is being cut we really need to begin Lobbying for change the better, keep up the good work do mail me My intrests are european media and telecom regulators.