Friday, September 03, 2004


Can anyone guess when/where the first cybercafe opened in Karachi [or Pakistan]? Any intelligent guesses are welcome.

I first spotted one in 1996 [main University Road, Karachi] and started using it. I had heard of singer Shehki's cybercafe in Clifton earlier, though can't recall when.

This BBC news item says the first cybercafe opened in Britain 10 years ago. I found the news item more interesting because within the report, the webmaster has inserted a note asking if the reader is in a cybercafe: "Are you reading this in an internet cafe? If so, tell us where and what it's like. Send us a picture too."
Cool! The response this news item generated has been significant so far. This is how a news organization is supposed to serve its community today--by involving them.


Hammad said...

I'm currently reading this in the internet cafe in Saddar, Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan. I got this page link from our (Pakistani) Internet Magazine's Blog name Blog. However it is the magazine who taught me aprox: everything and this is true that coz of SPIDER I've first tried NET on cafe as beginner and still now I am on cafe sometimes in cheaper one and sometime the costly one.

Beig a net bug i have many ideas to get the right interior of a cafe indeed I am willing to have my own in next 2 years (after studies) but a cafe in which I am sitting right now is that one which get itself ranked as avarage and till now I've not visited any GOOD ranking cafe but the net spread in our country is quite well and IT ministers are playing big roles in it.

My this post can easily be found on my own blog
namely on my nick

and on BBC "Will internet caf├ęs survive 10 more years?"


Majaz said...

I first used internet in British Council Library in Karachi in late 90s. Although I was not aware of the potential it has, I just browsed for nothing and sending emails to some friends.