Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Apocalypse, when?

First it was to be machines vs. us. Then a huge network breakdown. And finally, a computer-assisted [hmm, not sure if I used the right word] terrorist attack that would leave the world in utter darkness. Sci-fi writers are never short of doom theories. But the press picks it up and soon the wires start spilling it out as the last word in science. Intel's CTO is quoted all over the net saying "WWW is 'running up on some architectural limitations'", thanks to spammers. Noticed this one on Slashdot two days ago and I forbid you to go anywhere else for the real story for its there in what the Slashdotters have to say [financial, networking, expansion, technical--they've covered it all] about WWW's ultimate death ;~) Besides, all the online newspapers need a password to get in. In this case, that's a bliss.

I found this one hilarious: "Pentel, the world's leading provider of 0.5mm mechanical pencils has predicted the World Wide Web cannot continue to function at its present level for much longer. Pentel is offering an alternative, called WSD, or Writing Stuff Down, that is virtually immune to scaling problems currently plaguing the Web. Industry experts have been slow to respond to this proposal but their responses are expected any day now, via another new technology called the Post Office."


The Wasp said...

You're not expecting any comments, are you? Machines may never threat us, but sure coders may do. I dont know why do they code viruses, what's so fun in ruining others valuable data, a most clue comes to my mind is; most of the virus coders work for anti-virus companies, so that they earn loads of revenue by selling their MIGHTY AV software which keeps viral infections off.(Hint: Business minded perverts ;)
Pentel may be the leading manufacturers but they also need business and after the trend of typing emails nobody needs their pens/pencils (lol) just to write stuff down (:p) ...once again pulling business trigger!
But they are not offering any lucky draws on purchase of their product like Pakistan's Lucky Pencil (just for rupees five) you buy one and get listed for MEGA or BUMPER PRIZE (pulling the cheapest marketing strings, weird!). Another UP-RISING business is FUND RAISING, if you want to start, all you need is a celebrty (of course Anwer Maqsood and a few poor naked childs or any *HAWT & BOLD!* paki chick sitting right under a group of stinking slimy limps), this all has run-down old days "Buy one get one free" or "Buy & get 20% free", it's an apocalypse and has arrived! Run for Your Lives! (hmmmmmmmm no, better say Run your business likewise) still stuck to when? oh really?

Zunaira said...

Why shouldn't I expect comments? *puzzled

Coders are a threat yes. Is the rest of your post in morse code? :)

Anonymous said...

Harmony and deterministic achievements are bad for business; chaos sells and everyone needs a punchline for their product -- the basics of our existence in this world.
- Merlinx

The Wasp said...

***Joins Demon( [Sep 19 (1 day ago)]

*Demon says: Hello! Its Absent, isn't it ? What do you mean by AbCent, What kinda guy you are, You dont even know how to spell that out. Dont hide behind fake IDs and face it. You can never beat Zunaira, She rocks! She Rules the world!

*AbCenT Yawns

*AbCenT says: Zunaira! You never told that you _ROCK_ and who is this Demon by the way ;)