Friday, September 10, 2004

Call Centers in pk

The daily times reports:
"-The turnover of call centres operating in the country is expected to double to $20 million this year, from $10 million last year, the equivalent of about 9 percent of total software exports of $110 million.
-Of the 90 call centres currently operating in the country, more than 60 were registered in 2004.
-In India IT-enabled businesses is worth $2.8 billion and employs over 285,000 people.

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Teeth Maestro said...

We might have a long way to go in competing with India - but we are at it - Shaukat Aziz and his tenure will probably the golden age for Pakistan to mend its financial affairs, and Maybe Maybe come at par with India in competing TIT for TAT in dollar terms.

On the other hand the industry should be warned the US economy (the major driving force in the IT sector) is now seeing OUTSOURCING as "lost jobs" the future is open but we might see a decline.