Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Innovative 'spam'

Haven't come across this one before: "I have visited this website and I found you in the spammer list. Is that true?" The email came with a virus attached to it. I say, these guys are getting creative with their writing skills.

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Kamran said...

i got one whose sender name was 'Norton' with the subject 'Your attachment could not be scanned'.

And you wont believe another one. I saw a job ad in DAWN classified's Carrer pages in 'Computer Jobs' category. They were asking for web developers. I emailed them my resume and they replied which made me aware that actually they are some job agency and they had written in that reply that they have thousands of resumes and job openings from Middle East and Asia. They further said they will email relevant job openings from time to time.

So, the first time their time-to-time email full of jobs came, I opened it and whack! it was a virus. Thanks God I had my Virus Scanner ON.. it gave me an alert that this message contains a virus. I immediately blocked the address and closed the message. I cant remember the email address that was published in DAWN but i will definitely look in the archives and find it.