Wednesday, October 29, 2003

shakir warned me a week back about this. have a look:

"Pakistan's electronic data becomes insecure as Indian company acquires
Flag Telecom"
Imran Ayub writes in today's The News [Business pages]
"KARACHI: An Indian company, Reliance Gateway's acquisition of Flag
Telecom, undersea fibre link provider to which Pakistan subscribes, has
rendered insecure electronic data as it will enable the arch rival to
eavesdrop on the country's communications, Internet service providers

This is followed by Ansar ul Haque's (CyberNet + ISPAK man) comments stating they have requested PTA, PTCL to look into it. What I find interesting is that this dead horse Flag Telecom was pitted as a solution to Pakistan's net connectivity problems by our young minister Awais Laghari when I met him in April. Some thinking!

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