Friday, October 24, 2003

Here's the background about the incident I was talking about earlier. There's a fair probability that you would have heard about NR3C, may be not. National Response Centre for Cyber Crimes (aka NR3C) is a department of Federal Investigation Authority, formed to curb computer and Internet crimes. It's not until last August that they got first real incident to deal with. Reported in many cities of the country, many Western Union transactions were manipulated and given to the persons with fake identities. Initially four suspects were held and case was over to FIA (NR3C actually, as they had the self-proclaimed expertise (of God knows what!) to deal with such things). Fortunately, the moment the case was reported, I was sitting right in the office of NR3C Project Director in FIA HQ, Islamabad. The investigation (all conducted by conventional means to tell you the truth) revealed more members of the gang from Karachi and Lahore namely, later on. Later, they were remanded and shifted to Islamabad even for investigations. I was just pursuing thing closely just to present the real picture of the situation. Without any offense to anyone related to media/journalism here, everyone was reporting what was told to them by NR3C/FIA. They never had the real taste of the situation. I don't realize off course, why even they were covering these issues. The real atmosphere at the most celebrated department of FIA today is just like any other Gov office you can find in the country. Their motto seems to be "Jesus is coming, look busy!" I can't help but think when we're actually going to take things seriuosly.

NOTE: And I hope nobody has seen Johny English yet! ;)

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