Saturday, October 25, 2003

Bull's eye! I agree with nikhat (with all due respect!). I'll only add more to her suggestions - we can actually do some positive work here; I remember Let's Talk Tech magazine from Sir Hatim. It was a pretty good effort until the last couple of months.
1) The one section in SPIDER which I thought always lacked some way was Signals. There's so much happening around and so quickly that it's hard to remember it after a month. That's where this blog can come in.
2) We can run test sections before adding them to the actual print. My 2 cents!
3) Excuse me for being too geek-ish; we can have series of topics and have experts say what they want - i.e. like that Microsoft offering discounts to Government and those all-dead-now Linux initiatives. Anything we couldn't before.
It's just a few...

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