Friday, October 24, 2003

New, notable and hilarious:
NTK says: "HAVEN'T THESE PEOPLE SUFFERED ENOUGH?" to the UN's ICT program in Afghanistan [top most entry].

Also: Amazon's now searching full text of books as reported on Slashdot.

Thanks Azeem. I intend to clean out anything that might look out of place [read: abuse/offensive terminology which doesnt fall under breach of free speech ;) ].

The goal: To create the immediacy I feel Spider lacks. We have a platform and connections with a lot of voices that drown out in the media storm. I've passed invites to a number of people and hoping to see a direction emerge here when relevant observations and news get posted. Its too soon now. Anyone disagree? Please do.

Obviously, relevant snatches will make it to the print version [always looking for content you know ;)].

Dont worry too much about the test phase. I used that phrase so people dont get too intimated -- why are so many people waiting to post "something intelligent" [revealed over email to me] ? Cmon, this is a BLOG!

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