Saturday, October 25, 2003

Online Music battle continues...
12-year-old Brianna LaHara and 71-year-old Durwood Pickle were sued by the RIAA about a month ago for sharing music via P2P. They are facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in penalties, and all because the record industry won't adapt to advances in technology and a changing culture. This is a gross injustice and their plight is a clear indication that the laws are rusty, the landscape is changing, and multi-billion dollar corporations are unwilling to adapt. is a new organization that advocates for the rights of people who use digital technology. Among other things, we believe Congress should legalize P2P music sharing that rewards creators and we are inviting people to join us in this cause. Suing children and grandfathers are real life examples of how technology has moved ahead of the law and we want our representatives in Washington DC to address the problem.

The movement is also supported by the biggest community of online artists - Dig out more!

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