Thursday, October 23, 2003

Bienvenue. Sabeen has raised an important question, one I was anticipating. Before hammering out a focus for this blog, I'd like everyone to offer their 2 pennys on it. This place can be used to ponder over anything we feel deserves a public hearing. It is a spider forum of sorts so lets keep thinking.

Gosh, that sounds posh. Anyways, we can keep it 'free for all' [members only] until we realise its getting chaotic or narrow it down to defining the boundaries of cyberspace? Lets hear what every one thinks.

Meanwhile, post any rants and raves. Yasir not every one is sitting happy at the cyber crime's unit so we dont hear anything. What is this all about? Mind posting a link to the news story -- as per blog tradition -- mate ;) ?

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