Friday, November 26, 2004

Want a Philips PC?

Netherlands electronics giant Philips has decided once again to venture into the PC market in Europe.

Coming to think of it, I doubt the company will have success this time around. I am used to idea of seeing a Philips TV, monitor, refrigerator but having a Philips branded PC "with Intel side" does not seem appealing enough.

Who's next LG or Dawlance? : P


Nauman said...

I think if Samsung can do it so can Philips, the demand for PCs is still growing

Merlinx said...

Just for your interest, Samsung is presently the world's largest consumer-electronics company. Philips is #8. Samsung is about twice as large as Philips in terms of market capitalization. It used to be the underdog, second-choice company till a few years ago but not anymore. ;-)

-Source: Newsweek Asian International Edition, Oct. 11, 2004, pg.32