Thursday, November 25, 2004

New game stirs controversy

I am an avid gamer too, but the idea of a game to replicate the assassination of J. F. Kennedy and paying a $100,000 bumper prize to the one who can perfectly execute it in the game seems to have gone too far.

May be not the best theme to base a game on. Visit the game site for more.


Momekh said...

The Warren Commission excrept that Oswald fired those shots that killed JFK should be more of a controversy than the game itself. This game is probably another attempt to get the younger american generation 'immunized' from the mock up that was teh warren commission. The game by its nature is part of a political conspiracy i tell ya, now wheres my Julia Roberts?

G3nu1n3 said...

Though I don't dispute that the game is distasteful and that the people who created it are using politics to make money.

But think of it .... Millions of kids today are playing other games where they murder other people.

What message does that portray?

atrophying said...

I'd agree with G3nu1n3. I see 5 year old nephews of mine blowing off people's heads all the time in games, so a famous celebrity or two won't make much of a difference. JFK ho ya Sultan Rahi, does it matter?