Monday, November 22, 2004

TIME thinks Centrino surfboard is cool

TIME dubs a surfboard with Centrino as one of the coolest inventions this year. Having traveled around with a Centrino notebook for a year, I’ve found it pretty functional—wait for the gripe. The wireless scene is cluttered with jargon and labels and Intel’s marketing arm helps push this ‘wireless package’ above many. But if one or two players are out with a mobile technology that talks to Wi-Fi hotspots, I wish they would push their brand to handheld manufacturers (I know Centrino has been recently bundled in one), along with other portable devices that let users surf the net—why are MP3 players left out? Intel Pakistan claim there are about 40 hotspots up and running in the country. Would anyone know of an online Wi-Fi hotspot tracker exclusively for Pakistan? I’ve only accessed them at major hotels. Here’s help for Linux notebook users who want to install Centrino.

Here's a list of other inventions—SpaceShipOne made it too—TIME found cool. Anyone for alternative voices on coolest invention this year? Not the iPod? Not the Simputer?


Rafay Bin Ali said...

Doesn't SZABIST have that?

Zunaira said...

SZABIST has a surfboard with Centrino on it? Rafay are you sure?

Rafay Bin Ali said...

lol no Z. I was referring to the item "Intel Pakistan claims there are about 40 hotspots up and running in the country". A friend was telling me that the Shareah-e-Faisal strip adjacent to the "IT Parks" are also hot spotted.