Friday, November 26, 2004

Pirated XP swap offer for Britons.

Microsoft has recently launched a scheme in the United Kingdom to freely replace your copy of a pirated Win XP (Pro/Home) with a genuine one.

The offer is for those individuals who have purchased systems with Win XP pre-installed. In return to their gratitude, you will sign as a witness and disclose the vendor from whom you purchased the system. Up to 5 submissions per person allowed.

This will eventually help Microsoft crack down on piracy of its products in the UK.

Spider readers in the UK, what are you waiting for? Go get your copy. Hurry, offer ends Dec 31, 2004.

Now, will we ever see such move reaching our shores?

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Augie said...

I see this as just another attempt to stop an giant. Piracy isn't a few people making copies of software and selling em. It's an industry in itself. Take the example of IRC where X-DCC's are famous for serving the latest software with their cracks. NO matter how hard these people try they wont be able to stop it, just slow it down