Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Something's fishy on Yahoo!

Nauman Afzal, our open source writer, sends this warning for Yahoo! users. "I just received an e-mail from someone claiming to be from Yahoo Administration. On close observation, I found it to be a phishy email as it required me to follow a link and enter my username and password in order to reconfirm that I will be using this account in future. If I entered those details, it will be captured! The pretext given was that since Yahoo! has upgraded to 100 MB and a lot of accounts are lying dormant therefore, a reconfirmation is required. How did I find out that this was a "phishing" attempt? Well I guess Peter Lavin was kind enough to warn us about this menace (many thanks to him) simply because the link address was: Anyone with a little knowledge of the Web would ask “Why would yahoo use 8m to host its own webpage?" I just want to share this with everyone and warn them to be careful in case they receive a similar mail."


Grizzled Old Bastard said...

It took someone warning you for you to figure out it was a phishing attempt? Sad.

Zunaira said...

Do you know how many people fall prey to such scams? You'll find out its more than ONE.

Kamran said...

welll.. someone sensible enough should know that all those mails that come from Yahoo Network show a big red 'Y' icon to the left of the checkbox in your inbox. Also they use a different color scheme for messages from Yahoo network.

Hotmail uses this same trick.