Sunday, August 22, 2004

Post Amazers work on the new Exorcist

Asif Iqbal of Post Amazers has sent in this news: "Post Amazers did visual effects for a hollywood block buster releasing today across united states 'Exorcist the begining'.This i think is historical as the first ever pakistan company to work for Hollywood, we are also finishing few shots on another blockbuster, I will give you details once it will be released."

Eight names from the company appear in the credits, including one of the chief technical designers. Very, very interesting :)


Kamran said...

Yes..very interesting indeed. The other blockbuster he is talking about is Mask 2 (Son of the Mask)... The international movie database has their names on its site as well...

Post Amazers has really made us proud!

Zunaira said...

Mask 2it is. Thanks for pointing that out :~) [In case others wonder, Post Amazers signed on a deal with Kleiser-Walczak early this year.

Ejaz Asi said...

That's great. I wish them best of luck and hope they don't venture in lollywood :)

Anonymous said...

hi there,

yes really feel great about Post Amazer's work with

[Kleiser walczak] Hollywood studio.

& pretty much proud to be part of that team :)
im Zakir Ali , senior CG Artist at Post Amazers...

check this

my page at imdb


son of the mask

Post Amazers