Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Lifestyle PC

Wired carries a flashy ad for a compact computer case [PC in a cube] which targets fashionable/mobile people. According to the ad, you can carry your pet in it too.

Interestingly, Habib IT has showcased its own line called XC Cube [in red color] at the ITCN Asia. Their website doesn't carry any info on it [checking the price on the phone] so no specs available.

PC Mag carries a useful article on these X boxes. Think Geek has pics.

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Anonymous said...

THese are the latest in PC solutions now made available in Pakistan also, comes in both Flavours, INETL as well as AMD, with all the needed feature sets to qualify as a Trully Digital Media PC, its compact and nice looking, Powerful and supports latest standards, like firewire, USB 2.0, 2 monitor and a TV supports, 6 channel audio and hi value graphics cards, this shall prove to be one of teh major standard PC solutions mainly for the SOHO segments.
It shall be show cased in Park Towers this weekend