Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Give me access or give me death!

No link here, just a comment on how I was in Bahawalpur for two weeks, teaching at Sadiq Public School. Although my students knew what the Internet was, less than 30% of them had access; yet, amusingly enough, approximately 60% of the senior class was taking a course in A-level computer science, studying networking, Flash, HTML and Web design, and of course, C++.

Just found that slightly interesting. Frustrating, since I couldn't check e-mail for a week or so at a stretch, but interesting nonetheless. Any other schools in the country offer computing classes at that level (i.e. in high school)?

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Zunaira said...

The title led me to think it your ISP was responsible for another...ahem...long night! ;)

How can these kids visualise Web design when their interaction with it is so limited?