Friday, August 06, 2004

Blogs vs. Discussion forums

Azeem asks: What is the difference between blogs and discussion forums? From all perspectives.

Zunaira says:

- Both involve publishing online.

- Blogs started out as specific to one user who invited comments. Now,
the line between group blogs and discussion forums is blurry.

- The fundamental difference between the two being, blogs are focused on hyperlinking and networking the Internet (as well as the blog world itself) at large. Why is there a market for blogs? Because people want to make sense of the information being thrown at them, edit them according to their preference and rant in cyberspace—without moderators and other 'corporate freaks' who were begining to put a password on every public platform in a supposedly free world (cyberspace).

- Discussion forums are seen as an organized platform. Blogs, despite
their dynamic subject matter and capabilities, are viewed as unorganized, informal and even anti-establishment.

- Interestingly, enough you have given me an idea for an article :)
Thank you! On the other hand, bloggers would say "yea, whatever. we
really don't care where you fit us in. we are here to stay."


KO said...

Go through this site ( for some interesting thoughts on online communities. You will have to dig through the archives.

Kamran said...

Well discussion forums are for discussions mainly. and blogs are not for discussions but for expressions.

More specifically, Discussion Forums can be termed as 'two way' communication while Blogs are 'one way' communication.

Blogs are like you come on stage, say your words and go giving away just a feedback paper for comments.

Discussion forums are like meetings where issues are discussed to come up with a solution. Let it be a business meeting or a social one.

In the end, which one is Formal or Informal? Well, There are no rules for this on the WWW so 'foget dat when u r wid me' (dont point out my spelling mistakes please as i m on WWW and its a Blog!)

Zunaira said...

One way? Would you classify group blogs as one way communication too?

Even on discussion forums you need to register as a member--as you do for a group blog. In our case, the Spider blog is a closed-group situation.

Certainly, people initiate a dialogue/theme which spark comments from others. Plainly put, I see little theoritical difference between the two.

Kamran said...

Yes! both 'blogs' and 'group blogs' are meant to be a one way publishing tool. While i agree that we are discussing (replying) with each other, i still believe we are posting 'comments' according to the system. "A Knife can cut a carrot and it can cut a throat as well." - So the 'blogs' are meant to be what i am talking about. But they are used for something else as well. So theoritical difference is quite there, but practically 'group blogs' are being used for some similar purposes as forums.

Moiz Khan said...

Well i would agree with codebox that blogs are places of expression no matter how weired it is and forums are places for discussion where atleast in theory definite results are derived from the discussion held.
Group blogs are just expresions of a group of individuals who share similar interest.
But again saying all this restricts the definition of blogs.
and finally well who cares where you put bloggers;)