Saturday, January 01, 2005


Happy New Year to all SPIDER readers, contributors and the people who make SPIDER happen. Here's to hoping that this year will be spam free and that good things will happen in Pakistan's IT sector. Wishful thinking, but wishing is good.

P.S: The January issue of SPIDER is on sale now. Let us know what you think about it at


G3nu1n3 said...

Hearty New Year Wishes to All the Contributors and readers.

Rafay Bin Ali said...

Happy new Year

Shirazi said...

Very happy new year

Usman Shahzada said...

Happy New Year to all the readers of Spider....can anybody invite me on ....thx

Anonymous said...

I want to subscribe spider for One Year
I am afraid about our POSTAL services.
tell me some other resources

Vaqas said...

It's True: 2004 Really Was the Year of the Blog
A study released Sunday by the Pew Internet & American Life Project at least partly confirms the year-end hype: 2004 was (among other things) the Year of the Blog.

Pew polled Internet users and found that blog readership increased 58% between February and November 2004. And by November, 27% of 120 million adult Internet users claimed to visit blogs, up from 17% nine months earlier.

Not only that, but Pew also found that 7% of online users, or 8 million Americans, had created their own blogs, up from 3% in 2002. And more and more Americans are posting comments on blogs.

On the other hand, the study discovered that 62% still have no clear idea what a blog actually is. One imagines this includes even some of the users.

more is here:

Anonymous said...

Can you use an easier way of posting comments over here. thanx.moiz

Teeth Maestro said...

The burning issue on this blog still remians HOW CAN I POST ON THIS BLOG? - I stand by the philosophy that it should be limited to only a select few and not open to every tom-dick-and-harry wanting to post.

The admin reserves the right to decide on the blog quality ie. type of news items to appear on the site. It wont be a bad idea to recommend to the administrators of this blog to open a simple email account where they can receive such news clippings and if they deem it to be of value in accordance to their philosophy then it can appear as a post on the blog giving due credit to the original author.

Keep up the good work