Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Pakistanis in Ahmedabad

[Jan 4]The Press Trust news story states that interaction between scientist across the border has been limited, and rightly so. "Pakistan participated for the first time in the 92-year-old Indian Science Congress, being held in Ahmedabad. The four-member Pakistani delegation will be presenting three papers in the congress, Dr Anwar Nasim, chairman of the Pakistan's National Commission on Biotechnology and a member of the delegation, told reporters in Ahmedabad." The Commission was created by Dr.Ata-ur-Rehman in 2001.

In September 2004, The Nature carried a more sensational lead on a similar event stating that verbal collaborations have ended "more than five decades of scientific impasse between the two nations." I think the two need to look at 'education' for any collaboration, even if its bound to be research on malaria and agriculture as per the news story.

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Merlinx said...

This country could use a library specifically for research papers and theses written in Pakistan. We already produce a "meritoriously" low # of research papers and such on the global scale. To aggravate matters there is no [publicly accessible] index available of even what is produced, let alone a comprehensive, searchable DB of all papers, etc. Maybe some institutions maintain their own private archives (and I have come across some) but data archiving and mining in this direction could use a boost. As a matter of fact, other industries could too.