Wednesday, December 29, 2004

NADRA will 'authorise' phone connections?

Heard this on the radio to work: "New cellular phone and landline connections will be given after online verification by the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA)," says Interior Minister. The story offers no other details on the statement. So, if NADRA keeps giving a server error for extended periods, does it mean getting a cell or landline connection will become a pain? Could there have been another way to curb "terrorism" through the phones? I thought the ID card copy attached to the forms is supposed to serve as a verification anyways.


Rafay Bin Ali said...

ZD: I think the purpose is to create a national database of all the people residing here. However, they could have easily done this by interconnecting with the service providers like PTCL and cell companies (which they probably do anyway).

I think we just dont have the vision to get things done here .... men or women with vision at the helm of affairs that is.

ZD: there is a rumor that you have quit SPIDER. I read it on orkut????

Zunaira said...

That's my point. Wouldn't the cell companies for instance already have SOME verification process in place because they require an ID card copy [new!] carrying the number registered with NADRA? And isn't the purpose of NADRA to have ONE database in place?

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Anonymous said...

ZD: well in think it wll create more disturbance among the people of pakistan ........than there is no use of Computerization in every department think most of the Govt. organizations has the Database Server running in their organizations..............and i agree with Mr. Rafay tht y dnt Nadara get Data from PTCL if they want to keep the record of each and every Cutomer
they can easily get data from PTCL. KESC ..etc
now the people again hve to wait for a long time for verification

Muhammad Amir Bilal said...
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Anonymous said...

Ahhhh ! Well Done Mr. Minster. My application for a new telephone line is in PTCL pending list from last 2 weeks and I think NADRA servers will extend it more :(. I pray NADRA servers run stable for next few days so that my phone line get installed smoothly. :D

ps: Its nothing but just another byte to existing problems for the citizens.

Nauman Khan said...

I don't agree with it. The passports are being issued after online verification. I have seen this personally working in Passport Office and this is pretty stable. Nadra has good backup servers for this. Also Online verification really does not mean there will be lines for it. The verification officer at say PTCL will enter the ID Card number and check the details as per application filled. This process would be transparent to the applicant so i don't see any problem in this. Nadra gives VPN access to passport office [I think] and i got friends in passport office too - I never heard from them about this issue.

PS: Frequency of passport issuance is pretty high :)

Muhammad Khalid said...

NADRA database system is very good. But I think its better that NADRA should provide the data reading facility to the PTCL officers so they can check and verify the persons ID on their desk rather than it goes to NADRA office and they take 5 to 7 days or more... depend on work load.
This situation will be unpleasant and uneasy for the customers. Right now if we see the mobile phone; which is available now in couple of minutes; will be provide to customer after 10 to 15 days or more.
Who will be responsible for this???
NADRA or Ministry or PTCL or anyother???

atrophying said...

I read this in all the newspapers this morning. I fail to see how it will help control terrorism. Next they'll be banning mobile phones altogether like they did in the 90s [was it 95-96?].

AllahBaba said...

NADRA: National Authoritarian Directives Rapidly Accomplished
C) Copyright AllahBaba

Anonymous said...

Well guys it is not for terrorism -- it is all for money. The verification facility will be available on the desks in banks and mobile operator offices and Nadra is gonna charge Rs. 20/= per verification. I wonder what additional information would be useful beside the one which is already on the card? The banks and mobile operators are not gonna verify the thumb impression (although it is possible to do it) -- they will only verfiy the info on the NIC and print it. Khalil

A. I. Abbasi said...

well, Is this possbile to verify NIC # online through NADRA database ? I have seen their website and it seems to me that one of their products 'verisys' can be used for that purpose. But , I am really confused about that as the image in the header of 'verisys' page is of hardware machine.
Can anyone please clarify that ?