Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Watchout: Project 'Jawbone'

Must-read story about audio tech startup called Aliph who's Pakistani CEO Hosain Rahman's success in California and The Adaptive Headset for mobile phones that's making waves [it reduces background noise while you talk]. The company website states its focus is on speech processing products for govermental and private organizations. Verrry interesting!


yasirmemon said...

Alif and Hosain Rahman seem to have come a long way! If im not wrong this is the same group that had started gaining popularity in late 2000 with the introduction of Sesame Street's local version and a lot of work in Urdu language... Nice!

Merlinx said...

I think H. Rahman was the founder but isn't the CEO; he's VP/BD. Btw, this "Aliph" not to be confused with "Aleph" the s/w house over here. And yes, good to see we're doing other creative niche, stuff besides hackneyed project-pushing.