Saturday, December 04, 2004

IE losing its market share

All the doomsayers who hoard anti-microsoftism (you are right, it’s not a word) deep within their hearts, rejoice! The market share of Microsoft Internet Explorer has dropped.

More and more people are using alternative browsers like Mozilla’s Firefox and Opera to view the Internet in all its glory.

The total usage share of Microsoft declined 5 percent and the total usage share of Mozilla (the company behind FireFox) increased 5 percent

Yeah, the market share dropped like 5 percent. Microsoft still holds the lead at a comfortable 87-88 percent. Big deal?


H.A. said...

Well Firefox is better than IE - no wonder users are switching. But overall I think it's really difficult to switch browsers completely. I use both Netscape and IE - rely on the other if one crashes.

Zunaira said...

We discussed browsers last month Here

G3nu1n3 said...

I've read it from a research article recently, that statistics show that home users are the ones who are switching over. Most of these users are fairly computer literate. The corporate sector has yet to embrace firefox. The reasons are that too many web based applications that are developed are IE based, and you simply cant rollout IE and replace it with FF without issues.

So IE is not going to disappear any time soon.

Not to start a rant, but people at microsoft have done much better effort on IE6 that comes with XP SP2. Nothing is fool proof (not even FF ... read so many critical advisories on FF too). The point is Microsoft should have done something about the older version of windows (2000/ME/98) to come it at par with the XPSP2. But I dont think that will happen, they have to sell XP and LongHorn.