Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Most Bloggers Women

Where are the tech savvy women? Word is that women blog more and abandon less than men.


M Tabraiz Feham said...

In Pakistan also, It seems that the percentage of female bloggers is higher than male.

Can SPIDER conduct a survey on it????

Sky Walker said...

Well might be, but lets conduct a survey and see whether male or a female blogger take more interest in blogs.
Allah Hafiz

Ejaz Asi said...

Tabraiz, You don't have to conduct any survey. A quick visit and wandering in cyberistan, and you'd know exactly what you're looking for - Teenage gals rock the blogistan and females in general outsmart men. Also, there's striking difference between what the two different genders write about except teen age guys. But overall, blogosphere's evolving and we'd see more diversity as the Spider's endeavors to promote Free Speech and individual diaries get some fruit. We can only hope for good, ain't we? And honestly, while some men can hate it, I perfectly believe females have more inborn genes to be tech-savvy or internet-savvy, in particular, than men. No offense to men, though.

Shayan Abdulrehman said...


Hmmm, hopefully the equation may put the argument in perspective.

M Tabraiz Feham said...

Ejaz I agree with you completly :)
I am already quite amazed at the quality and quantity of female bloggers. I think they are doing a better job then us, Thumbs up. and...... WAKE UP GUYS...........

Merlinx said...

I didn't know God Created women with a Net gene... :-)

I am sure all the women truly appreciate all this genetic adulation you're smothering them with but I doubt if the credit goes to mother nature. You're looking at one sample-set of bloggers or female Netizens and drawing this conclusion. Someone may very- well pick up another sample-set and draw a completely opposite conclusion too. Would that mean that women are dodos when it comes to being tech-savvy? Nope -- no more than your assertion probably stands.

Women do have a knack for certain things and are designed by nature for certain functions and feelings unique to them -- as are men, too. But a lot of skills or talents we share in common are trends, fashions, by-products of personal or societal circumstances, etc. Women are different from men in a lot of contexts, agreed. But I challenge any claims of genetic or ingrained biological characteristics behind these mundane skills. In such worldly matters and skills, men and women are pretty much equal, even if statistics indicate some passing trend that says otherwise. Education, family background, societal influence, social profile, personal experiences and other things have more to do with it and these are equally applicable to both the genders.

As long our brains are in their current locations in our skulls, where women also have their brains, too, I believe in the above... ;-)

Good day.

Zunaira said...

I always knew we get a nice bunch of visitors at Spider but this is truly fantastic. A group of men all consenting to equality between genders! Wah! We have come of age as far as 'discussions' are concerned. :~) Okay, moment over.

If there are more women pakistani bloggers, can we suggest that:

- women might more industrious as writers?
- OR Be more proactive as far as discovering a channel for communication is concerned [because there are few of them around in PK for them]?

My impressions of bloggers, both men and women, are fairly the same. I don't see how 'we're' taking the edge in cyberspace--YET ;~)

Merlinx said...

For a minute there, I thought all the enthusiasm of the 'moment' was going to make you fall off your chair. Hehe... :-)

Btw, I like your latter hypothesis. Maybe women in this society like communicating through channels that give them a degree of privacy from prying, unwanted gazes yet allow them to voice themselves comfortably at the same time. That's why they are more visible on blogs and such. Interesting idea.

Sarim Farooqi said...

yes, you are right,