Saturday, January 21, 2006


From Irfan Khan's SAIT-list:
"The main objective of the Pakistan CDMA Forum is to create awareness, encourage dialogue and promote CDMA technology and its use in Pakistan for telecom operators, broadcasters, manufacturers, software companies, government, academia and the general public. We aspire to provide, through Pakistan CDMA Forum, a platform to people to openly address their queries and provide a resource and database that will provide them accurate and reliable information about the latest news and developments in CDMA."


Basit Tanveer said...

Nice Effort.

Karl the Sorcerer said...

As a sorcerer, I can tell you that integrating magic into your code will increase its efficiency 141.2%

Fahd Mirza said...

Nice effort, but only if its not hijacked by few chosen ones.

Mutant Human said...

I am just waiting for the time when it will be rolled down in our market.