Thursday, January 12, 2006

It takes a lot of smart people to keep launching products constantly that make consumers sit up and take notice. Apple is one such great example. They havent looked back after the iPod, and have made sure its now part of the fashion / lifestyle trends of this century, like Hafsa posted below. Apple have just released the new MacBook Pro. I was excited to read that its four times faster than G4s, but this analysis is the only thing that's stopping me from placing an order for the MacBook Pro right now. Anyone here who disagrees with the analysis?

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self said...

I'd wait until WWDC later this year. The current Macbook Pro is just a stopgap measure. Of course, they might not update the 15" until after WWDC...

Many people will buy the laptop (and the Intel iMac); I know of at least two who've ordered it already. Like the article says, this will lead to more software adding universal binary support; more people will have an Intel box to test binaries on, instead of just generating them and hoping they work.

You can buy an iMac with a faster processor. Once more people start buying Duo laptops (made by Apple or other manufacturers), the processors will get cheaper, and the Macbook Pro will have > 2ghz Duos. Apple might decide to stick the > 2ghz processors in the 17", though.

Sadly, even with cheaper processors, the laptops won't get any cheaper (yay, Apple). That will discourage switchers, even if Microsoft gets XP or Vista to run on these systems.