Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Provincial Ministers do it better?

A classic 'mission' at Spider was to argue against official blocking of pornographic websites. Responsibility lies with parents, teachers and end users--not goverments. So this news comes as no surprise:

"Pakistan's Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications has said that it has accepted defeat in its "battle" against pornographic material available on the Internet."

The good Minister persists that it is now up to Provincial governments to prevent prongraphic content from reaching users in their territory. I advise all rational people to refrain from throwing their hands up in frustration and instead say a little prayer that those officials have their plates full with disaster management, environmental conservation, education+health, and any other constructive activity where our taxes are spent well!


sha said...

whoa what was that.ah i see.cooool.
The comments are now opening in a popup window.good going

atrophying said...

must send awais leghari a copy of january's spider must.