Friday, February 25, 2005

President dotcoms

Its been a long time coming. The Prez of PK has a website and BBC reports he's thrown a little party to celebrate his dotcom day.

Designed by J Walter Thompson's web partner, its a cute PR excercise which offers an auto-bio, wallpapers [!], and the chance to see what emails he will respond to. Make the most of it, Prez! Think they've left something out? Hotline numbers anyone? ;-)


Teeth Maestro said...

No wardi? I can't say I fully approve of his office but do commend him on a neat design

G3nu1n3 said...

Must say on first looks the site is very neatly done ... got to give that to the designer.

Nice little PR attempt by M.

Gakhar said...

I have not yet visited the site but I think it should be preety impressive as Mr. Musharraf himself is.