Saturday, October 02, 2004

MSN 7.0 Beta on the way....

MS might have released to testers the beta version, by the time you read this.

What's new:
- Contact cards
- New Display Pictures
- Set status before signing-in (appear offline while signing-in).
- MSN Search Bar at the bottom (has been there with YM 6.0)
- Search words within conversation in chat window
- Maybe Avatars and emoticon packs (YM 6.0 ???)


atrophying said...

I've only been using MSN 7.0 for 5 minutes, but I'm in love with it already - download it here:

atrophying said...

And an hour later I find out it has a bug that makes the system suspectible to outside attacks. Sigh, back to old 6.2

Sikander said...

I don't know about the new MSN, haven't used it yet but these new and "improved" versions are very very annyoing and unstable. Im talking about the new Yahoo 6, it has countless number of flaws, It doesn't let you type at times, It boots you, webcam doesn't work at times, So very annoying! And if you try sticking with the older version (which I am trying to do right now), you keep getting error messages and Update prompts! Gosh! The Internet can be so irritating at times.

Zunaira said...

Atrophying thanks for the warning! I am in love with the new MSN 7.0 too. Neat new things to play with in there [and about time too]. Have switched back to the old version for now. We'll be in touch with you for some words before reviewing it for readers.

Sikander said...

Does the Bug still affect the system if I've got Mcafee VirurScan 8 and Zone Alarm Pro Running......I just want to try out new versions of everything so much, and especially Msn Messenger, the most used programme by many i guess!

atrophying said...

I know, the half hour that I used 7.0 has made me a fan. Dont know about the Zone Alarm thing though, but will wait for the actual version to get released before I use it now. Nothing is worth ruining my PC for.

vicious_circle said...

Using msn messenger 7.0 beta.. was like a treat though short lived.. since a lot of features are still not in place yet.. though i still feel just for 3-4 features you shouldnt have a major version change..

Furthermore, users of the new yahoo will find the msn 7 to be somewhat of a rip-off from yahoo.. remember messenger is definitely providing much better enhancements plus the audio quality is as good as ever.. and i love the way yahoo seemlessly integrates with yahoo services..

sure hope to see that really come to life in the new version of msn.. i mean 6.2 had ms zone games.. but they were never actually available.. lets see what happens in this dept..