Friday, October 15, 2004

Google's newest tool!

Google's newest tool is out for beta testin!. Its called Google Desktop. Its like having Google search engine for your local drives. Its a tiny 400kb application which sits in the system tray. Here, google explains it better:

In case somebody is wondering, the indexes are kept at:
/documents and settings/USERNAME/Local Settings/Application Data/Google/Google Desktop

No data from your PC is ever sent to Google! The listing you see on for your local drive is a feature of the desktop tray application. Read the privacy policy for more info.


Vaqas said...

just came to know that newer build of MSN Messenger 7 is can be download from Microsoft's website from here

the email that beta testers recieved is following:
Welcome to the MSN® Beta Program! We're delighted to have you onboard. You've been selected to test the new MSN Messenger software. This e-mail gives you instructions on how to download the software and get started testing.

But first, here's a little information on the Beta Program. It is your chance to:

Make a difference. MSN considers input from individuals who have had the opportunity to use and evaluate MSN products and services for future MSN products and services.

Be the first to try new products. You'll be able to use MSN software before anyone else.

Do Enjoy :)

Rafay Bin Ali said...

I am willing to bet my brains that users data would be remotely transmitted. I could be wrong, of course, but given the nature of corporate giants its hard for me to come to terms with the fact that a company would continue to provide products/services absolutely free of cost to the consumers.

From what I have read on the WWW, Google is planning to integrate their toolbar with Real Networks Real Player -whose integrity and credibility has been called into question various times. Some people on various forums have also posted that the Google toolbar changes their search preferences of the browser.

From where I stand, its really hard to believe Google's pitch. However, I am also a staunch supported of all advertisement based initiatives. If Google can guarantee that malicious code would not be propagated through its software, I am willing to give it a try. After all, advertisement is what keeps the Internet FREE - well, a lot of it anyway.

Teeth Maestro said...

I downloaded the utility looks interesting espesically when doing a Google search it also shows one or a few documents from YOUR computer - kinda neat BUT - what if someone else is using your computer then OOPS you have others that just might click that link and may be easiy be able to browse your own personal files which otherwise might have not been noticed -

I like the utility and im still for it - but the above argument has be a little baffled - still need time before i pass a judgment.

Anonymous said...

This discussion on slashdot might be interesting for you people.

Sikander said...

hmmmmm, people keep giving links for downloading the new beta version of Msn, it going to work fine once we download it? or is it just going to devastate our systems? Is it the orginial or just a fake? What do the experts have to say about that?

Rafay Bin Ali said...

i dont think that remote access would be integrated with Google Desktop. If it was, sooner or later it would be discovered. And, Google wouldnt want that kind of negative publicity, especially after reportedly having a healthy business relationship with AskJeeves
and Real Media. However, it most definitely has the monitoring capability.

Rafay bin Ali

Rafay Bin Ali said...

There is a post at Sheys Rebellion about a virus being transmitte through Google Desktop.

Read it.

Rafay Bin Ali

Faisal Nasim said...

If it were to submit data remotely without permission, it'd be a spyware and spyware is now ILLEGAL. It only sends some information regarding how much you use it (you can turn that off as well!) but it'd never send any data off your PC to Google. I have firewall software and I'd not let it send a single packet off my PC! As far as the virus is concerned, I believe its only a false alarm!

Merlinx said...

Sikander: Best bet...only download the version from the official MSN site when it is there rather than risking getting it from any no-name, sideshow sites in haste.

That way if your system gets screwed up, you'll have the cold, ironic comfort of knowing that it was the real mccoy that did it and not some hacked/cracked decoy of ignoble origins. ;-)

AllahBaba said...

why don't you lads stop fighting and get your own little port-sniffers and see what google desktop sends back to the mothership, and then tell us your findings?

Faisal Nasim said...

Oh come on, I'd trust Google! Check out their privacy policy. They tell you exactly what they send. They'd get a lawsuit if they send anything else! They have Orkut to spy on personal details of people! hehe!

Merlinx said...

Of course they tell you in advance! It's the Miranda article of the cyber-realm: "You have the right to gluttonously large mailboxes. But anything you type can and will be used against you. You have the right to send and receive lots of email. If you can't afford to send and receive more email than your brain can process, a Gmail account will be provided to you by Google." {...grin...} :-)

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